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Kids Corner - Stories
May 2012
John Saji: Galactic Penguins and the time changing terror tunas!
One fine winter's day at the freezing Antarctic Quadrant, Captain Flap the penguin leader was just heading down the hallway with his black belt and beady ninja eyes. He had a very important meeting with the sensei, Sento; Sento had a grey colour all around him and a beard which went all the way down to his shoulder. Flap opened the crafty old wooden door which fled open in a blink of an eye. In front of Flap were two silver chairs and a gold-ish coloured armchair which Sento was sitting on and he didn't look that pleased.

"I was hoping you would come a little earlier, but you are fine for now" said Sento. "Let me assure you we have some very bad news in Atlantis," said Sento. "You see in sea board seven at Atlantis, one of our factories have been invaded by something, local people say that there was a whole group of them and they took hundreds of innocent penguins in to the deep dark ocean." "Looks like we've got another mission up our sleeves; I'll inform Piplo and flippers," said Flap. "I've already talked to them about this mission Flap" said Sento. Flap started to walk down to the ship room where he saw the shiny emerald ship curved like a penguin was standing in front of him. It had 5 emergency shuttles on each 5 wings. From the distance flap could see Piplo and Flippers putting the penguin flag up. Flippers is a grey coloured penguin with a black belt round his waist, while Piplo is a turquoise coloured penguin had a red belt round his waist. In a while Flap had joined his team in the communications room in the ship. "Full speed ahead to Atlantis captain," said Flippers. "Yes please," said Flap with excitement. The countdown began...10...9...8...7...6...5... 4...3...2...1... BLAST OFF!!!

Meanwhile at the dojo things weren't going well as they thought it would. Sento was having trouble dealing with the prime penguin of Atlantis who was saying there was another wave of those sea creatures and there attacking them. Sento just didn't know what to do. "Maybe you should call them here," said one of the workers. "That won't work, we don't have enough room for all of them," said Sento. "What about we go over there," said another worker. "No that won't work either, though thanks for trying," said Sento in a dull voice. "How about we leave it to Flaps team" said a worker. "That could work, I'll give him a message," said Sento.

Back at the space ship Piplo received Sento's mail "oh look". "What is it" said Flap from his cabin. "It's a mail from Sento, it says hurry towards Atlantis. "Well I'll put it on super sonic speed" said Flippers as they passed hundreds of planets in a blink of an eye after roughly about 4 seconds later they saw the prime penguins daughter mellow she was pink and adventure loving. "Ahoy there mellow it's me captain Flap the leader of the galactic penguins" said Flap walking towards mellow with Flippers and Piplo on each side of him.

"Have you come to defeat the terror tunas," asked Mellow. "Terror tunas?" said confused Flap. "Those things are actually terror tunas they hide in the deep dark serpent sea home to many dangerous sea creatures in the whole of the ANTARCTIC QUADRANT!! "Well it looks like we've got another mission in our hands team" Flap said with a grin. "I'm going down Serpent Sea to look for the terror tunas with these swimsuits Zap made, captain would you like to come to" said Piplo. "All righty-roo, Flippers you investigate clues with mellow here in sea board 7" said Flap as he put on his swimsuit. SPLASH!!! They went to the waters.

Back at the dojo, Sento was on his way to meet zap in the science room, Zap was a green coloured penguin with spiky orange hair and purple glasses. Zap had a very protective doorway. First it was an eye check then a thumb check and now a hand check finally he reached Zap. "What's the matter sensei" asked zap. "It's the Atlantis penguins, how are they going to have the next generation of penguins" said Sento. "Don't worry Flap will solve the mystery" said Zap. "Let's hope they do" said Sento.

Meanwhile in Atlantis Flap and Piplo were diving deep down serpent sea. "Where do you think they are captain" said Piplo. "Beats me" said Flap. Immediately Flap felt dizzy and walked towards a TRAPDOOR!! "Watch out captain" said Piplo but it was too late he already went down the trapdoor it. "OW!" said Flap as he hit the hard surface of the terror tuna Head Quarters. "w-w-where am I" mumbled Flap to himself. "You are in the terror tuna HQ" came an evil sneer. "Show yourself tuna, name who you are" shouted Flap. "I am Tegs commander and forever leader of the terror tunas" said Tegs. Then he got a machine with buttons on it with this machine I can go backing time and return the Megs to kill all the penguins in the multi-verse. "You can't do that" shouted Flap. "Watch me" jeered Tegs.

Tegs pointed at a green coloured button. "This button would make the machine start, and this button" pointing to the red button, "is the self-destruct button" chuckled Tegs. Tegs pressed the green button and instantly the lights started to flicker and the machine started to rumble to life. Flap quickly heard a noise just as the machine started, so he desperately searched 360 degree around the HQ of the terror tunas. Then he looked at the corner and found Piplo doing hand signals to Flap. Suddenly, a dark shadow that was lurking came out of the machine. Piplo knew this was his chance to press the self-destruct button and save the world on his own for the first time. So he quickly jumped out of the shadows and sprinted towards the machine with desperate hands trying to press the destruct button. As soon as he gently touched it, the loudest bang you could ever imagine was heard in the HQ.

KABOOM! Instant streams of light came in every direction. As soon as it stopped the Megs returned to their rightful place in history and the terror tuna leader, Tegs was never to be found or heard again. At Atlantis Piplo and flap saw Sento looking proud at them. "Well done boys another mission accomplished but the main thanks for Piplo," said Sento. That was another mission accomplished by Galactic Penguins!
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